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High School Courses

These are the high school course offerings.  Due to enrollment size and staffing, not all courses may be offered every year.

Engineering Essentials

The course introduces students to engineering concepts that are applicable across multiple engineering disciplines and empowers them to build technical skills through the use of a variety of engineering tools, such as geographic information systems (GIS), 3-D solid modeling software, and prototyping equipment. Students learn and apply the engineering design process to develop mechanical, electronic, process, and logistical solutions to relevant problems across a variety of industry sectors, including health care, public service, and product development and manufacturing.

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Introduction to Engineering Design

In this course, students use 3D solid modeling design software to help them design solutions to solve proposed problems. Students will learn how to document their work and communicate solutions to peers and members of the professional community. This course is designed for 9th  grade students. The major focus of the IED course is to expose students to the design process, research and analysis, teamwork, communication methods, global and human impacts, engineering standards and technical documentation.

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Principles of Engineering

This survey course of engineering exposes students to some of the major concepts they’ll encounter in a postsecondary engineering course of study. Students have an opportunity to investigate engineering and high-tech careers and to develop skills and understanding of course concepts. Students employ engineering and scientific concepts in the solution of engineering design problems. They develop problem-solving skills and apply their knowledge of research and design to create solutions to various challenges. Students also learn how to document their work and communicate their solutions to peers and members of the professional community. This course is designed for 10th thru 12th grade students.

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Civil Engineering and Architecture

The major focus of this course is completing long-term projects that involve the development of property sites. As students learn about various aspects of civil engineering and architecture, they apply what they learn to the design and development of a property. Students learn about documenting their project, solving problems, and communicating their solutions to their peers and members of the professional community of civil engineering and architecture. This course is designed for 10th thru12th grade students.

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Engineering Design and Development

This capstone course allows students to design a solution to a technical problem of their choosing. They have the chance to eliminate one of the “Don’t you hate it when…” statements of the world. This is an engineering research course in which students will work in teams to research, design, test, and construct a solution to an open-ended engineering problem.  The EDD course allows students to apply all the skills and knowledge learned in previous Project Lead The Way courses. The use of 3D design software helps students design solutions to the problem their team has chosen. This course also engages students in time management and teamwork skills, a valuable asset to students in the future. This course is designed for 12th grade students.

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